The mass participation programme was initiated after there was an acknowledgement that aquatics have historically been viewed as a white man’s sport when it is actually a life skill that should be taught to every individual. The MPP managed programmes enables and allows the previously disadvantaged groups to be brought to mainstream swimming and aquatics as a whole.

Basic swimming skills are offered which serves as a base for all the other aquatic activities. The ideal target is schools as they have the natural masses but is also crucial to include communities at large as stated on our mission statement which seeks to provide aquatic programs and services to the public and our members that will deliver medal winning performances and ensure every South African becomes water safe.

The MPP programme includes running spring launches to create awareness when most people go to the pools. Partnering with the Department of Water affairs to celebrate the National water week which also creates awareness at schools and communities. SSA also celebrates women’s day where we run programmes to create and even teach women to swim. With water safety education SSA reaches out to majority of South Africans as they provide tips anywhere on how to be safe in and around water.

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